Moving house can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a plan in place to get started. Taking a few moments in the beginning to organize your move can save you time in the long run.

Use These Packing Tips for Moving House to Make Your Transition Easier

Here are some packing tips and tricks of the trade that we’ve learned over the years.

  1. Have as little to move as possible. Moving house is an excellent opportunity to get rid of all those unwanted items lying around your home. A good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used the item within the past year, lose it. As you are going through your stuff, make three different piles — one to keep, one to sell/donate, and one to throw away.
  2. Designate a packing space. Make a wide-open space in your current home and keep all of your packing materials here, like boxes, labels, and tape. By having an open station, you’ll be able to set out everything that you have and efficiently pack things in moving boxes.
  3. Take pictures of electronics. Before you unplug all of your devices, make sure you take a picture of all the cords, such as the back of the TV, so that you know which cable goes where when trying to set everything back up in your new space.
  4. Don’t pack empty space. When moving house, you want to move the least number of boxes as possible — it’ll save you time! One way to reduce your boxes is by avoiding empty space. Take advantage of the shape of your items and use them as a vessel. For example, fill shoes and boots with small things like socks and fill pots with other kitchen utensils. Bonus tip: when packing dirty shoes, use a shower cap or plastic bag to cover the soles to avoid getting dirt on other items.
  5. Use the original box. Appliances can come in all shapes and sizes, which makes it difficult to efficiently pack them while also making sure they’re safe to travel. If you saved the original box that the item came in, use it! It will keep it safe and will also save you money on boxes.
  6. Use your items as bubble wrap. You don’t need as much bubble wrap as you think when you use things that are already going to be packed. Towels and thick clothes like sweaters can be used to wrap up breakables, and pillowcases can cover a picture frame. Place styrofoam plates in between your dinner set. You can also use these items to reduce the amount of empty space in your boxes!
  7. Vacuum seal your bedding. Some items, like pillows and bedding, can take up too much space, so take vacuum seal bags, place plush items inside, and suck out the air. You will be amazed at how much space you can save like this.
  8. Use straws to pack jewelry. Nothing is worse than going to put on a necklace and finding all your jewelry tangled in a knot. While packing your necklaces and bracelets, string them through a straw and then clasp it back together — almost like a long bead on a thread. This will help you organize all your jewelry and also prevent it from getting tangled.
  9. Always have small baggies and sharpies on hand. As you are packing things up and moving them out, you’ll likely come across small items hidden under other things. By having small baggies ready, you can easily and quickly pack them up to keep them from getting lost. It’s a great idea to do this with any screws you have from disassembling furniture. Use a sharpie to mark the bag so you can keep track of what item they came from.
  10. Pack cleaning supplies last. Once everything is removed from your current residence, you will have open access to the floors. Dust is going to be brushed up, which might make surfaces dirty. Keep cleaning supplies out until the end, so it’s easy to wipe down surfaces. Plus, since they’ll be packed last, you won’t have to dig them out to clean your new home.
  11. Number your boxes. Keep a master list of what items you place in which box and write a corresponding number on the box in large print so that you can quickly locate which box has what you are looking for. This will also help with knowing what order to unpack your boxes and help you keep track of everything, so nothing is misplaced.

Let the Professionals Help You Stay Organized While Moving

Packing for a move involves a lot of labor and coordination, so let us help! Echo Moving has the expertise you need to keep the stress out of your move. Our team will pack and unpack your belongings safely, and ensure that everything gets from point A to point B with ease. If you’re getting ready to start packing for moving house, you don’t have to do it alone. Reach out to our team today to get a free quote.